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Well and Good Passover Baking Mixes Available

We’re excited to have launched a limited run of baking mixes that are Kosher for Passover. For a limited time, they’re available from Kraus Foods in Glen Eira and Kosher Kingdom in Elsternwick. Get down to one of these stores today and get yourself a bag.

A chocolate cake getting iced

The baking mixes are available in the following variants: Devil’s Food Choc Cake, Vanilla Coconut Cake, Low Carb SR Flour, and Potato Starch.

If you don’t live in Melbourne then keep in mind we’ll be supplying this range Australia-wide next year. Also, our Low Carb Self Raising flour that is Kosher for Passover is now available in the baking aisle at Woolworths.

If you had the chance to try our Passover products, what did you think of them? We’d love to get your feedback so shoot us an email to or reach out on social media.    

When is Passover?
Saturday, 27 March and ends in the evening of Sunday, 4 April