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Well and Good Launches New Look

You talked, we listened…

In 2016 we took time out to talk with our customers. We wanted to better understand what they liked about the Well and Good brand, and what needed improvement. From those discussions it quickly became clear that our brand didn’t reflect what we stood for as a company.

In a nutshell, we needed a new look. A look to convey that baking Well and Good mixes is all about creating amazingly delicious food and, at the same time, having fun in the kitchen.

Introducing the new Well and Good…

Gluten Free Baking Mixes

Why we think our new packaging is awesome…

  • Vibrant pastel colours to convey a brand that’s all about fun in the kitchen.
  • Improved product pictures to better show the quality of our baking mixes.
  • A simpler box front that’s easy to read – no marketing spin here folks.
  • A new logo design that’s simple; a lot like using our baking mixes!

What hasn’t changed…

Our obsession with quality. Avoiding gluten, dairy and other allergens is serious business for many. You need to be able to trust your food source. Our quality obsessed philosophy is what we’ve built our business on and that will never change.

Healthier Options

Reduced Sugar Baking Mixes

A key message we learned from our customers was the need for healthier baking options. Reduced sugar was at the top of this list. So we got busy creating our first range of reduced sugar baking mixes. Our all purpose mix and muffin mix now have 40% less sugar; our banana bread mix has 35% less sugar.

Our reduced sugar range hits the stores through July in the Health Food section of Coles and in selected IGAs.