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Gluten Free Food Production

The Well and Good gluten free food production plant is one of the few in Australia dedicated to allergy free food production. It was created solely to develop food products free from the following commonly known allergens: gluten, wheat, dairy, peanut, tree nut, fish, shell fish and soy. 

Because of the investment we have put into our gluten free food production plant, our customers can be assured we have never produced any items containing these allergens with this equipment. This affords us a very unique position where we can constantly create and innovate, especially for people with food intolerances. We completely guarantee the purity of our food.

Well and Good operates under two main categories: Sales Products, and New Product Development.

A.  Retail.

i. Well and Good Brand

Our range has grown to include 22 baking mixes, including 3 of the most functional Gluten Free Flours available on the market and we continue to surprise & delight our customers with many delicious multi-purpose products and recipes.

ii. Raw by Well and Good, an exciting and growing range of alternative ingredients, including Coconut Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Sorghum Flour and much more.

iii. Private Label Products, Contract Development and Manufacture.

B.  Foodservice.

We manufacture and supply an even bigger range of mixes to various manufacturers, bakeries and food service outlets. They then create their own delicious products for their customers. This falls under the categories:

i. Distributor

ii. Development for Manufacturer

iii. Sales direct to manufacturer – large volume

iv. Contract Packaging

To find out more about well and good food service visit our dedicated website: we