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Kid’s Halloween Cake Recipe

If you’re looking for something to keep the kids busy for an hour or two here’s a fun Halloween project that they’ll love: making a gluten free Halloween cake!

Isabel, from Melbourne, sent us these photos so we couldn’t resist turning them into an infographic about Halloween.

How to make a Halloween cake (without a fancy cake mold).

To get started you’ll need to make 12 cupcakes first and let them cool. Then it’s time to get creative. Position the cakes into a shape that you’re happy with then ice it all over. So simple.

Here’s an infographic with some fun Halloween facts. You’ll also see how Isabel made her cake.

Kid's Halloween Cake

Now it’s your turn! Bake up a batch of cupcakes and make your own cake. If pumpkins aren’t your thing then try another design. Why not create a witches hat or a monster?

Happy Halloween everyone.