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Gluten Free Dessert Pizza

Having made a lot of gluten free desserts over the years, we have a pretty good idea of what’s a fun dessert and what isn’t. The team at Well and Good recently created this recipe for gluten free dessert pizza and we think you’re going to love making it.

Dessert Pizza

The base is simply made from our Mud Cake Mix and it takes about 25 minutes to mix the ingredients and bake the base. From there the fun starts! Let the kids creativity run wild by adding whatever toppings they desire. Or maybe you’d prefer to create your own masterpiece? What you can count on, is that this dessert pizza is a crowd pleaser. Whether it’s your family or for a group of friends, everyone will love it!

Be sure to make the base in advance so that it has plenty of time to completely cool down. You don’t want to serve up this one with melted icing.

Share your recipes with us

If you decide to make a dessert pizza, we’d love to see your work. You can email it to marketing @ or post it to our Facebook Page. For a nice looking recipe picture, we have been known to reward those that share.