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Best Ever Gluten Free Bread Mix – NOW Available in Coles

Rye-less Rye Bread

Rye-less Rye Bread available at Coles.

Well and Good Gluten Free and Dairy Free Rye-less Rye Bread is made with the added goodness of spirulina and sunflower seeds!

Spirulina is one of the richest and most complete food sources in the world, it adds colour and flavour and functionality to our Rye-less Rye Bread and is a delicious gluten free alternative to traditional rye bread.

This is one of Sam’s favourite products, and now it turns out that others agree! Our yummy dark gluten free bread recently took out the Australian FIA Award for Most Innovative Product (Shelf Stable). This is a pretty good effort seeing as we were up against some big competitors!

 What’s so good about our Rye-less Rye Bread?

Quite a lot actually. This quiet achiever packs a punch in the flavour department and it’s hard to believe it’s gluten free. We challenge you to find a better tasting gluten free bread.

Benefits of Rye-less Rye Bread

One bread – many uses: Make some elegant rye-less crisp bread crackers for Christmas gatherings, and summer BBQs. It’s a lot easier than you think with this simple recipe Gluten Free Rye-less Rye Crisp Bread Recipe.

Get your Rye-less Rye bread at these Coles stores:


NSW Coles Stores


QLD Coles Stores


Vic Coles Stores


SA Coles Stores


WA Coles Stores


TAS Coles Stores

Tell us what you think and SAVE!

We love to receive feedback from our customers. If you do try our rye-less rye bread why not let us know what you thought. Send us an email or post to our page on Facebook. If you send us a picture of your bread we’ll send you a discount code to purchase any product online.