2013 December/ 2014 January Competition

Now on Face book!  Share with us Christmas/ holiday pictures of your gluten free creations to win.


Congratulations to our recent prize winners Helen Hamilton and Gail Jones. 

 Thank you so much for your involvement in our community!

They both won a selection of our terrific well and good Gluten free products and bunch of kitchen accessories from Mozi and Robert Gordon Australia.  


We are Allergy Aware


We've developed our very own Allergy Aware logo which shows our dedication to assuring the safe Allergy Aware production of our mixes.

This gives further peace of mind that Well and Good follows stringent protocols and manufacturing procedures through our uniquely tailored facilities and QA testing.


Gluten Free Recipes

Gluten and dairy free recipes for all to enjoy.

Our wide range of gluten free recipes are perfect for those living with an intolerance or allergy. We know all about baking and creating recipes to suit those who are avoiding certain foods. Our wheat free recipes and gluten and dairy free recipes are not only simple to make, they are tasty, and can be enjoyed by all. What is gluten free? For those who aren’t exactly sure what gluten is, and what foods it usually is in, we can help. We are educated on gluten, its presence in products, and how to follow gluten free recipes to create delicious dishes. 


We have gluten and dairy free recipes and wheat free recipes to suit many people who are avoiding these foods. Our wheat free recipes are also gluten and often nut, dairy and soy free also.

Gluten free recipes

More gluten free recipes